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The Man Who Calculated His Way To Success

In life, it is very difficult to find a man that has achieved so much in so little time. Many writers have focused on his work but let us look at his life and career trajectory. A good example of a man that fits this bill is Michael Thoreau Lacey. Born on the 26th of September, 1959 in Albine, Texas, he went on to study Mathematics in University of Texas in Austin where he graduated aged 22. This marked the birth of a great mathematician. He went in to further his studies by doing his Ph.D. at the University of Illinois with the mentorship from Professor Walter Philip. His thesis was centered on Banach spaces which were a solution to the problem related to the law of the Herald Logarithm for empirical characteristics functions. The new certificate propelled him to new career heights.


In 1987, is when his career in academics started with him being an assistant professor at the Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. He later moved to University at Chapel Hill maintaining the same role. He changed institution again with a move to Indiana University in the same capacity. Dr. Michael Lacey is currently the professor of mathematics at the Georgia Institute of Technology a position that he has held since 1996. This was not before moving around and sharing his knowledge with a couple of other institutions. The University of Minnesota was one of this institution where Michael Lacey worked as a professor. He also served as a fellow in Wallenberg which is Turd, Sweden. He did not stop there but also became a visiting professor in the Centre for Advanced Study in Oslo, Norway. Proving once again not boundary could hold him in his aim of disseminating knowledge.


This great determination and dedication have seen the professor of mathematics receive a number of awards in this field. He has received the Simons Fellow award, Guggenheim Fellow, and American Mathematical Society Fellow. However, the most coveted award that he has in his cabinet is Prix Salem that he won together with Christopher Thiele.Truly, Professor Michael Lacey calculated his way to success.