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Kamil Idris: The Importance of April 26th

Did you know that the 26th of April is the World Intellectual Property Day? There are a lot of people that don’t know this, but increasingly more individuals, private organizations, public organizations, and governments are pushing for the celebration of this day. On you can find an article, or message, from Prof. Kamil Idris discussing the importance of April 26th and the implications it can have for everyone. Intellectual property can be anything from a sporting event, a book that you like to read, a TV show that you enjoy, new medical technologies, and even solutions to devastating global problems. When Prof. Kamil Idris talks about the intellectual property he is trying to have a serious conversation with a population about the type of care they should take when accessing information. The inventors of these technologies to serve respect and celebration, because without protection some of these things might not actually exist.


Prof. Kamil Idris got his introduction to intellectual property as the director of WIPO. WIPO is the world intellectual property organization, and it works with many organizations internationally and the United Nations to help support the protection of individual or organizational intellectual property. Now that Prof. Kamil Idris is no longer serving as director of WIPO, he has moved on to the developmental market. In particular, he has taken a great interest in sustainable development with WASD. WASD is the World Association for Sustainable Development and it is also championed with a cause embedded in increased awareness. One of the biggest things that help foster the creation of sustainable building is the cooperation of many organizations on an international scale. To facilitate this, people need to be sure that their intellectual property is safe. Therefore, the intellectual property still remains a very important component of Prof. Kamil Idris’s everyday activities. Not only does he partner with countless organizations annually, but he is also fostering long-term relationships between different nations. Throughout much of his work, it is shown that Prof. Kamil Idris is committed to global understanding, it should come as no surprise that he wants more people to understand the importance of April 26th.