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Effective Ways of Improving Your Business Performance, Louis R. Ioannides

When one is looking for ways to improve their business output they often think of many ways to achieve it. Many take modern technology as the most straightforward way while others consider to look for outside help to assist in operating the business. However, the excellent solution is always there around, and those in chief positions fail to realize it. According to Louis R. Ioannides, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies, the best and surest way of improving your business performance it’s through investing with your current employees for several reasons.

One of many reasons its necessary to invest in your employees is because there is already familiarity bond between creating a good chance to identify workers with excellent skills. For instance, if you hire new employees it would cost you time and resources to train them were as a promotion to either one of the existing employees would save you from unnecessary cost. Ioannides shares the following tips which he believes if appreciated would result in impressive results in your company.

Create a conducive environment where workers enjoy working in. For employers to win, they must be willing to establish an enjoyable place. This can be achieved by ensuring there are no Debbie downers poisoning your work environment as well as creating cubicles rather than just placing your employees in an open room.

Appreciating your employees is also another way that can have a significant impact on your business. It is important to identify the most performing worker and recognize his/her efforts. Rewards may be given or promotions as a way of appreciating their efforts. This medium will help to increase competition in the, and in the long term, business will prevail.

At times employees may need to advance their studies, but the majority suffers from resources to cater for this. For a good employer who is willing to see a change in his/her business should establish scholarship programs. At United Technologies, Chenevert has been encouraging his employees to apply for a scholarship and learn the degree of their choice. This method made the company`s stock price to rise to the extent of tripling.

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Igor Cornelsen: From an Engineering Student to an Investment Banker

Born in 1947, Igor Cornelsen grew up in the Brazilian city of Curitiba. He joined the Federal University of Parana at the age of 18 to study engineering, which at the time was a coveted course offered in the only engineering school in the States of Parana and Santa Catarina. He developed a passion for economics two years into the engineering course, which forced him to change his course to economics. He began his career in an investment bank after his graduation in 1970. Calculators and computers were not widely used at the time, and Igor became a valuable asset to his employer. Igor made many achievements in his school and career life such as being the best student in his class, promotion to the board of directors at Multibanco in 1974, and Chief Executive Officer in 1976. Later on, he moved to Unibanco, a leading investment bank in Brazil, where he worked up to 1985 after which he moved to Libra Bank.

Libra Bank was a London Merchant Bank which opened a range of growth opportunities for Igor Cornelsen. He later joined the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank as an Investment banker and a representative. After successfully working as a member of the board of directors for seven years, he left to launch his investment firm in 1995. Presently, Igor Cornelsen works as an investment manager in his firm, providing the same services he did while he was working for the London merchant banks. The idea behind his business came from his vast experience in the investment sector. Igor has a keen interest in international news and studying various economies and companies. Igor develops his investment ideas through following countries whose investment assets are appreciating in value and selling the assets that deteriorate in value as a result of economic decisions or political problems.