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Dr.DavidSamadi Creates TheSamadiMotified Advanced Robotic Approach for Prostate Cancer

Dr. David B. Samadi is one of the most famous and experienced medical experts. He has practiced at several famous organizations in the U.S such as Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine and Lenox Hill Hospital. Dr. Samadi is a certified urologist specializing in diagnosis and treatment of urologic disorders, kidney cancer, prostate cancer and bladder cancer. He has worked in more than 45 countries and different hospital organizations. Dr.Samadi has carried out thousands of minimally invasive diagnosis for prostate cancer including laparoscopic robotic radical prostatectomy.

Dr. David Samadi attended Stony Brook University where he acquired a degree in biochemistry. He completed his M.D in 1994 at Stony Brook School of Medicine. The veteran then pursued his postgraduate program at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center. Mr. David Samadi established a robotic radical prostatectomy association at Mondor Hospital Cretei in France after finishing a fellowship in proctology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer. Dr. Samadi became the deputy chair of the Department of Urology in 2007 and member of American Urological Association and American Medical Association. These were some of the responses from the interview:

What is your career?

I am doctor specialized in diagnosing and treating patients with prostate cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer and urological diseases.

What are some of the new ideas you have contributed to in the field of medicine?

I have developed SamadiMotified Advanced Robotic Technique which is a new approach to diagnose prostate cancer. My new invention will protect the nerves and sphincter from damaging while removing prostate cancer.

How many cancer cases have you handled since you graduated from the University?

They are very many, I can’t even count but what I know is that I have performed thousands of invasive prostate cancer treatments. I have been in more than 40 different countries diagnosing and treating patients with prostate cancer.

What lesson has you learn in your career?

I am one person who wants things to be done very fast. Life has taught me to be patient. because sometimes things don’t go the way you expect. It takes a lot of patience to make a difference in every situation that comes your way. To know more about him click here.

The advanced techniques that Dr.DavidSamadi has incorporated into his practice makes a big difference in the progress of research in his field. His contributions have paved the way to a better future for robotics and prostate research.