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Vijay Eswaran: A Business Leader With A World-Traveling Life

Vijay Eswaran founded the multinational company QI Group in 1998. QI Group now has offices in countries around the world such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. They have many different subsidiary countries that are located in almost 30 countries. The company offers many different diverse products and services to their customers including in logistics, property development and management, and lifestyle and leisure. In 2011, Vijay Eswaran was excited about QI Group venturing into education with their Quest International University. They have hopes to create a town around the university in the future. This project is known as the QI City Project and was first announced in 2016 with plans that include a teaching hospital, condominiums, a convention center, and the campus of the school.

Vijay Eswaran is an entrepreneur that has disrupted multiple industries and is frequently invited to speak about his experience in the world of business throughout his life. When Vijay Eswaran created QI Group, he knew from the beginning that a lot of their business would be based around their website, QNET. He had been interested in the idea of network marketing ever since he had been in college. He took the opportunity to combine network marketing and online shopping with the QI Group and it turned out to be a huge success that others began modeling their businesses after when it came to online sales.

With the QI Group expanding across the globe, Vijay Eswaran finds himself working in many different countries. No day is ever exactly the same as the one before and many times he doesn’t know do sure which country he will be waking up in next. While network marketing isn’t easy, Vijay Eswaran has found it to be an exciting experience that has allowed him to meet many different people and visit many different countries. He brings ideas to life by talking to people and getting their input on many different things. Even if your idea is great, it is important to get a different point of view from someone else who might see the business in a different facet than you are able to.