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Joel Friant’s Success Turned To Habanero Spice

Joel Friant has many accomplishments and talents in the areas of real estate, and home remodeling. Friant was a natural for the real estate business and was involved in the purchase of real estate foreclosures which led to his rehabilitation and selling these homes. Then he moved on to mortgage lending.

In 1995, Friant’s next adventure was the first person to develop a fast food Thai business. Friant’s entrepreneurship produced and promoted The Habanero Shaker which was sold in a grocery chain in Washington state.

The habanero pepper is referred to as being super hot, and it is hotter than the jalapeno pepper. The pepper originates from the Amazon and spread to Mexico. The habanero plant is grown in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia, Belize and Panama, Texas California in Idaho. The habanero plant is 8,500 years old and was promoted and propagated by the Spanish colonist. The Mexican Yucatán Peninsula is known for its habaneros and is a standard ingredient in most Yucatecan food in a puree or salsa.

Friant expanded his interests to home-based businesses and promoted subconscious success training to make full use of your experiences in your life. You are trained to use visualizations, precision affirmations by repeating positive statements and such relaxation techniques as mediation. Brainwave activity has been measured by scientists, and changes in activity have been measured. Scientific research has concluded brainwave activity is related to subconscious success training.

Friant converted his subconscious success training into a business success following the 2008 financial crisis. He created a concept he referred to as the “Income Thermostat” based on the writings of Wallace Wattles and Maxwell Maltz. This activity resulted in online seminars on success. His online seminars developed a course, in 2012 and Friant’s products were sold on both eBay and Amazon. At this time, Friant took this success as an opportunity to sell the Habanero Shaker.

As a result of his online success, Friant was introduced to crypto-currencies a virtual currency. This currency is a substitute for the standard trading in dollars and currencies used in trade for all countries. The cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange, and it is a digital asset.

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Glen Wakeman: The Multifaceted Businessman

According to, during Glen Wakeman’s career, he became recognized for his entrepreneurial spirit, mentoring as well as a revolutionary of business. His work includes forming new performance methodologies, start-up companies’ guidance, and development of M&As. LaunchPad Holdings, LLC was founded in the year 2015; it is a Software as a service (SAAS) corporation.

He is an MBA holder in BS and Finance in economics. During Wakeman’s early career, he held positions at GE Capital, and as Nova Four founder. His roles included the Board of Directors (B of D) administrative positions, chief executive officer, President, business development, and various P&L (profit and loss). Wakeman is known for his verified five step performances methodology that focuses on execution in business, leadership power, human capital, and risk management.

Being a writer and a successful investor, he was able to inspire people on everything, including administrative strategies and fiscal economics. His experience with divestitures, corporate management, and emerging markets makes him a market strategist who is keen, giving insightful counsel to groups of the executive level such as the Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees. Several executives of corporates have developed the accurate methods’ reputation that applies to various industries as Wakeman has in the past decades.

Wakeman actively participates in business opportunities that are transformative so that his leadership experience in global affairs is irreplaceable. Glen Wakeman gives strategic advice for international financing platforms, angel investing, and capital raising. He has a passion for aspects of business growth, development, and innovation in the changing global marketplace.

Wakeman has been an inhabitant of six different nations and managing business operations successfully in 30 geographical areas worldwide. That makes him a significant force and deserves acknowledgment for his great career accomplishments. asked Wakeman how LaunchPad Holdings, LLC idea came about and he said that he likes matching great ideas with money. Many ideas that are good come from startups that are talented. He said an idea wasn’t a plan itself; they decided on making plan building more intuitive and easier by designing software platform that’s simpler. That’s how LaunchPad Holdings, LLC was born.