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The Man Who Calculated His Way To Success

In life, it is very difficult to find a man that has achieved so much in so little time. Many writers have focused on his work but let us look at his life and career trajectory. A good example of a man that fits this bill is Michael Thoreau Lacey. Born on the 26th of September, 1959 in Albine, Texas, he went on to study Mathematics in University of Texas in Austin where he graduated aged 22. This marked the birth of a great mathematician. He went in to further his studies by doing his Ph.D. at the University of Illinois with the mentorship from Professor Walter Philip. His thesis was centered on Banach spaces which were a solution to the problem related to the law of the Herald Logarithm for empirical characteristics functions. The new certificate propelled him to new career heights.


In 1987, is when his career in academics started with him being an assistant professor at the Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. He later moved to University at Chapel Hill maintaining the same role. He changed institution again with a move to Indiana University in the same capacity. Dr. Michael Lacey is currently the professor of mathematics at the Georgia Institute of Technology a position that he has held since 1996. This was not before moving around and sharing his knowledge with a couple of other institutions. The University of Minnesota was one of this institution where Michael Lacey worked as a professor. He also served as a fellow in Wallenberg which is Turd, Sweden. He did not stop there but also became a visiting professor in the Centre for Advanced Study in Oslo, Norway. Proving once again not boundary could hold him in his aim of disseminating knowledge.


This great determination and dedication have seen the professor of mathematics receive a number of awards in this field. He has received the Simons Fellow award, Guggenheim Fellow, and American Mathematical Society Fellow. However, the most coveted award that he has in his cabinet is Prix Salem that he won together with Christopher Thiele.Truly, Professor Michael Lacey calculated his way to success.

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Sean Penn’s Idea’s Through a Novel

Sean Penn released his latest book titled “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” in March of 2018. The story’s base is built around Bob Honey who has a focus on political activism and from there leads to showcases of Sean Penn’s personal ideas being shown and more.

In this story, satire is clearly present and doesn’t try to hide either, which makes sense as the main protagonist is involved in politics. Sean is able to use this book as a platform to make references to Trump and his billion-dollar hold on the hotel industry by having the president in the story named “Mr. Landlord”. A creative way to aim shots at Trump, but very subtly. One main point about the book and Sean is that it has sparked a lot of conversation and controversy. This is almost expected when writing a book with a such a tone towards political issues, and more. The book stirs conversation and that’s clearly something Sean wanted to happen as a result of people reading this work.

The unique and very satirical tone in this book creates something that may not be for all readers but is still rich in content. Offering a story many wouldn’t find anywhere else but from someone such as Sean Penn. Some major points touched upon in the book besides Trump are also the “#Metoo movement” as Sean wrote a conversational piece in the book speaking on this movement. His background what really gives him room to speak fully on this matter as he’s seen the ins and outs of the movie industry.

Sean Penn manages to use a book not only as a way to create satire and poke fun at certain pieces of the political world, but also uses it as a way to express his word and start a conversation.

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Kamil Idris: The Importance of April 26th

Did you know that the 26th of April is the World Intellectual Property Day? There are a lot of people that don’t know this, but increasingly more individuals, private organizations, public organizations, and governments are pushing for the celebration of this day. On you can find an article, or message, from Prof. Kamil Idris discussing the importance of April 26th and the implications it can have for everyone. Intellectual property can be anything from a sporting event, a book that you like to read, a TV show that you enjoy, new medical technologies, and even solutions to devastating global problems. When Prof. Kamil Idris talks about the intellectual property he is trying to have a serious conversation with a population about the type of care they should take when accessing information. The inventors of these technologies to serve respect and celebration, because without protection some of these things might not actually exist.


Prof. Kamil Idris got his introduction to intellectual property as the director of WIPO. WIPO is the world intellectual property organization, and it works with many organizations internationally and the United Nations to help support the protection of individual or organizational intellectual property. Now that Prof. Kamil Idris is no longer serving as director of WIPO, he has moved on to the developmental market. In particular, he has taken a great interest in sustainable development with WASD. WASD is the World Association for Sustainable Development and it is also championed with a cause embedded in increased awareness. One of the biggest things that help foster the creation of sustainable building is the cooperation of many organizations on an international scale. To facilitate this, people need to be sure that their intellectual property is safe. Therefore, the intellectual property still remains a very important component of Prof. Kamil Idris’s everyday activities. Not only does he partner with countless organizations annually, but he is also fostering long-term relationships between different nations. Throughout much of his work, it is shown that Prof. Kamil Idris is committed to global understanding, it should come as no surprise that he wants more people to understand the importance of April 26th.


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Jim Toner Is A Successful Writer And Provides An Exceptional System For Real Estate Investments

Jim Toner is a businessman and a real estate investor but knew he wanted to be a writer when he was in his early teens. He admits he procrastinated quite a bit but in 1996 he began writing again. In the past there was always something keeping him far too busy to write. He worked with computers for 35 years as a petroleum geophysicist. Jim Toner then worked with veterinarian and medical scientists, engineers, accountants and numerous different industries. This included shipping, manufacturing and health care. He traveled throughout Europe during the course of his work. He still found time to get married, create a home, have three children and manage a single figure golf handicap.

In 2007 Jim Toner became a full-time writer. The most major influences in his life in this area included Christopher Brookmyre, John Le Carré, Patrick Campbell, R. A. Lafferty, James Thurber, Richard Dawkins, Robert Sheckley, Frank O’Connor, Alan Simpson, Douglas Adams, Samuel Beckett, Charles Dickens, PG Wodehouse, Raymond Chandler, Colin Bateman, Robert Harris, Eoin Colfer, Ellis Peters, Anne McCaffrey, John Steinbeck, Ray Galton, John Wyndham and Isaac Azimov.

Jim Toner achieved success when he authored The Consumer’s Guide To Investment. He spoke of what must be avoided in life such as scam artists, charlatans and peddlers of snake oil. He stated all of these groups now hate him because he wrote the truth in his book. This book contains accurate and true stories of the many lives that have changed due to the real estate investing system Jim Toner created. People from every financial bracket have had their dreams come true. This occurred because they gained financial freedom simply by employing Jim Toner’s system. This book tells their full stories. The book explains how to locate fantastic opportunities and about the changing rules and solid fundamentals of the market. He shares the major opportunities as well as the hype, lies, pitfalls and charlatans after the money earned by hard working people.

On Jim Toner’s Facebook account, he mentioned that he wrote his book to show people the right way to make investments in real estate while avoiding all of the associated pitfalls. His blueprint is very simple. This is true for both established investors and the people still new to investing in real estate. This book is a blueprint to show people how to become a part of the world of real estate investing. This is even true for those who believe they are already established in the field. Jim Toner writes about detailed accounts and actual life case studies regarding his system. This is so much more than just ideas or theories. This is an actual system. The readers learn about regular people who followed Jim Toner’s proven system and succeeded beautifully while maneuvering around the misinformation.

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Determining Your Investment Style with HCR Wealth Advisors

A portfolio is only as good as the people that oversee managing it. The average person that builds a portfolio with limited investing experience may only see limited growth if any. It may help to turn to investment professionals like HCR Wealth Advisors, which knows how to build solid investment portfolios, to help you reach your financial goals. These are experienced advisors that understand what it takes to build a portfolio that can help its clients reach their financial goals. These are advisors that spend time researching the market and helping investors build better plans for long-term growth.

A solid investment portfolio should help investors meet their needs and goals and reflect how much money investors have available. The wise investor is not going to make plans based on a belief that they know it all. These investors are willing to develop a financial plan based on the help from experienced advisors.

When the market is volatile, it may make sense to invest in options that can help you protect and shield your funds and take advantage of the volatility. Knowledgeable advisors will have the experience and best frame of reference to help their clients do this.  They can help identify options that can work, and they are also aware of those options that may not be beneficial to or suitable for investors that are trying to weather the storm.

Investing is something that requires knowledge and skill, and even with skill there is still a certain level of risk. Some people are willing to risk it all while others may be less inclined to put their money into long-term investing.

In this article, it has been discussed that the key to building a better portfolio is knowing which type of investor you are. This is something that you can find out with the help of HCR Wealth Advisors. They can help put you in a position place where you will be better equipped to handle various investment opportunities and risk that come your way. @HCRwealth can help you understand who you are as an investor.

HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.

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Hussain Sajwani’s Success With DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani (حسين سجواني) was inspired to became an entrepreneur at a young age. His father had a shop to sell watches, pens, among other imported Chinese goods. He soon became one of the first students to receive a government scholarship to study in the United States, which have gave him the opportunity to earn a degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics from the University of Washington. Hussain Sajwani’s first step into the business world came in 1981 when he worked for the Abu Dhabi Gas Industries. He left the industry for several years to run a catering business, but by 2002 he was back and more determined than ever.


The website News Version recently published an article about Hussain Sajwani and his business named DAMAC Properties. He founded the business in 2002 in order to take advantage of the opening in the real estate market across the middle east. The company is based in Dubai, UAE and has grown to employee over 2,000 people. The net worth of the company stands at $4.7 billion as of last year. The primary focus of DAMAC Properties is to create luxury tier and multi-purpose buildings. The company has completed 20,230 homes, and worked on 44,000 units in some capacity to date.


As DAMAC Properties has grown over the years, Hussain Sajwani has forged several partnerships over the years. A few notable projects include the Trump Organization overseeing development of golf courses. While foreign brands such as Fendi and Versace provide interior designs for the buildings. While inn DAMAC Properties branded buildings, they established a hospitality division. Hussain Sajwani wants everyone to have a personable and unique experience while at his properties.


Hussain Sajwani is a businessman with big dreams. Outside of his own personal business, he has investments in trading and sits on the board for various companies. DAMAC Properties has a strong presence in the middle east and only continues to grow. They are known for creating some of the most recognizable buildings in the region. Hussain Sajwani’s business venture shows no signs of slowing down.

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Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Owner: The Dubai Real Estate Businessman

Even before he launched DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani established his credentials as a successful businessman. He graduated from Washington University with a double major in Industrial Engineering and Economics before taking a finance position with Abu Dhabi Gas. After two years in the oil industry, Hussain Sajwani started a catering business serving construction sites, hotels, even the army. And then, in 2002, Hussain started DAMAC Properties.

DAMAC Properties specializes in several different types of property development: leisure, commercial, and private residence. The DAMAC owner has developed properties in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, and North Africa. The total number of apartments and other units totals over 50,000. Some of the larger and more famous projects include a Tiger Woods golf course that is operated by the Trump Organization, luxury cottages with Fendi Interiors, and apartment with Versace interiors. As of May 2017, DAMAC has reached a value of 4.7 billion dollars, and the company currently employs over 2,000 people. With such a revenue stream and dedicated work force, DAMAC Properties has to be considered a top property company world wide.

And then in 2011, Hussain Sajwani decided to open a new branch of services, The DAMAC owner mixed his experience in catering with his property development by offering hospitality services to 13,000 tenants. Since December 2016, DAMAC Properties has operated 7 hospitality developments. This new investment has allowed Hussain Sajwani to be named one of the top 100 influential Arabs worldwide.

In 2013, DAMAC Properties became the first Middle Eastern Property company to be listed on the London Stock exchange. This feat is made even more impressive as the company didn’t make it on to the Dubai Financial Market until 2015. In 2017, the DAMAC owner was named Property CEO of the Year and ranked #15 on the Hotelier Power 50.

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Hussain Swajani’s Damac Properties

Hussain Sajwani is the CEO and founder of the real estate developer Damac properties, which was founded in 2002. He is a multi-billionaire worth 4.2 billion US dollars. He is a United Arab Emirates citizen, and he lives in Dubai. He is married and has four children. He got his Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and economics from the University of Washington by getting a scholarship. He was involved in the food service business that catered to the United States military and construction of the giant Bechtel until 2001 when Dubai allowed foreigners to own property. He now focused on real estate and sold units in a residential building. In 2002, he established and is the Damac owner, one of the largest property development companies in the Middle East.


Damac group has its headquarters in Dubai. Their main products are properties. They have at least 2000 employees as of 2017. They deal with all kinds of properties from residential, commercial and mixed-use projects. The Damac hills have the Beverly Hills style living. Their services are in not only in Dubai but also Qatar, Jordan, Abu Dhabi, Lebanon, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. Damac Hotels and Resorts operate hotels, hotel apartment, complexes, and serviced villas. Damac is known for its extravagant marketing strategies. They have worked with Bugatti and Versace in co-branding deals.


In 2013, Hussain teamed up with Trump to develop the two-branded golf resort in Dubai hills. The two have been in business together for a long time, but President Trump turned down one of Hussain’s great business proposals because as head of state he is not allowed to conduct any private businesses. The company has supported philanthropists like His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and the general manager of UAE Red Crescent Dubai branch, Mohamed Abdullah Al Haj Al Zarouni.

For more information:

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AvaTrade and The Programs It Offers That Vitiate Assets’ Risks

In a world of sordid financial challenges made worse by what can be called as interventionists that ruin the organic operations of a financial system, it is rare that we can meet business leaders and companies that offer the right services that we deserve. Most of the praise and raves we hear about companies can be gamed by sycophants, and this is the reason why it’s even rarer to find companies to trust. Fortunately, despite the rumours, one of the companies that can offer the highest level of quality service for traders and investors in the market is AvaTrade.


The AvaTrade Dynamics

We may be able to start a good set of descriptions about AvaTrade review by saying first that since its establishment in 2005, the company has been consistent in offering a lot of clients the temperance and security that they need and deserve. We can say a lot of judicious arguments for AvaTrade, but you only need to know one simple fact to put your trust in them: it is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, so whatever they do, you can always rely on the government to give you the assistance you need in case it fails.


The Transparency

We should also not forget to say here that not only is AvaTrade regulated, but it is also a trusted company that offers transparency in all its transactions. The services that it offers are also all guaranteed to give the right services that each client needs. While other companies that offer the same services can’t divulge all data, AvaTrade differs because it does.


About AvaTrade

AvaTrade is a company that offers the most simplified solutions and advice to the most arabesque programs and events in trading. With the top educational materials that AvaTrade gives, the training traders can get both the formal education they need and the guide to navigating the real-world operations of stock trading. It should also be mentioned that the risk-averse programs that AvaTrade offers can guarantee to vitiate the risks that one can face in the world of trading and can make sure that the assets one has will always be protected.

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Bob Reina: He Thinks It Is Your Turn

A lot of people go through life and they wonder when their name will be called and when they will get the chance to step up and show the world what they are made of as an individual. Bob Reina says that time is now with Talk Fusion, the video communications company. They have everything that one could ever want and need to get up and running. That is oftentimes the hardest part for people: getting started. However, once they get started and once they have their foot on the pedal, they are going to see some amazing things in their future. They can sit back and enjoy the show. Learn more:


Now, just because they are sitting back and enjoying the show, it does not mean it will come easy. They will have to use the features that come with Talk Fusion like video newsletters and video emails. Video newsletters allow them to reach people in an innovative and exciting way. They can spread all of the news out in a video format and people can look into their eyes and find out all they need to find out about the person. With video emails, it allows them to reach a lot of people at once. Everyone checks their email and if they are signed up, they can be notified when you have a new email to share about your company.


As a matter of fact, that is how Bob Reina started Talk Fusion in the first place. He wanted to send out a video email and he found out the file was too big to do so in the first place. Eleven years later and many awards later, they are the talk of the town and they have won the hearts of the people as well, which is the most important part of Talk Fusion for Bob Reina. He wants people to be happy and he wants them to be giddy with excitement when they start up the day and turn on their computer. It is what he wants more than anything in the world for each and every Talk Fusion customer.