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100% Degradable Bottle of Waiakea Water

Ryan Emmons saw a big opportunity to enter into the bottled water industry, which was formerly dominated by companies run by men over 50 years old. He noticed a niche to be filled, and did so with amazing results.

Emmons started the company in the competitive beverage market in 2012. The company grew annually at 170%, sales rates increasing from around 2,300 cases of water to over 122,00 cases. This amazing growth in in the beverage industry was created by those who saw the innovation in the product, such as accounts, local distributors, and nation level companies such as Whole Foods.

The interest in Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Bottled Water stems from the trifecta approach to selling water. Emmons has founded a company that addresses three major components of socially conscious concerns. Emmons created a product that is a sustainable product,unique health benefits, and innovative, environmentally friendly packaging.

What makes the packaging innovative is the fact that Emmons’ company has made a 100% degradable bottle. That may not seem so special with the plethora of degradable products and packaging now available. However, with the approach of Emmons’ company, the bottle now breaks down withing 15 years, instead of 1,500 years.

This breakthrough was possible when the focus of research about plastic polymers changed. By studying how the polymers could become weaker, instead of stronger, Emmons’ team found a whole new approach to bottle manufacturing. Instead of making a degradable plastic bottle, the polymers are changed into a wax. And wax is 100% degradable over a much smaller amount of time.

Waiakea Hawaiian Bottled water comes from the Mauna Loa volcano. It is surrounded by 10 million square miles of ocean. The Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water comes from the snow melt and rain from the snow caps on the peaks of the volcano. It is touted as one of the purest resources on earth.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water has unique benefits due to its pure resource. Coupled with the fact that the bottles are the cutting edge of environmentally friendly packaging, it is no wonder Ryan Emmons’ product has been unconventionally successful.

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Here’s Some Insight into Elysium Health and its Basis

Supplements are found all across the United States – in grocery stores, supermarkets, health food vendors, supplement shops. Yet most of them are not backed by the rigorous research of clinical trials. This can’t be said for Elysium Health‘s Basis, a supplement crafted from nicotinamide riboside and pterostilbene, a combination that has been proven to boost the mean concentrations of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide in its regular users.

How can consumers be certain of the above claim?

Virtually everyone familiar with supplements understands that they are not evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration, the same organization that carries out clinical trials on brand-new medications and recently-developed formulations of existing medications.

While Basis is not approved by the US FDA – much like any supplement on today’s market – its efficacy has been proven by a clinical trial funded by its manufacturer.

We’ll delve into the details of this clinical trial more deeply in following paragraphs.

What do the components of Basis do?

The function of pterostilbene and nicotinamide riboside is quite simple: nicotinamide riboside is converted into NAD+ – that’s nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide – in the body after it’s ingested. As long as NAD+ is present in sufficient quantities, pterostilbene can distribute proteins called sirtuins throughout cells that make up the human body.

Basis has four other components, and are as follows: hypromellose, silica, vegetable magnesium stearate, and microcrystalline cellulose. All of the above ingredients are either used in the capsule that holds together Basis’ two central components, or to extend the life of the supplement when stored.

The central idea behind the need for Basis is that the natural stores of NAD+ fade away in the human body as we get older. Children and young adults are full of NAD+, although such concentrations steadily drop over time, demoting cellular health, circadian rhythms, and other bodily functions. Rather than surrendering to our bodies’ natural aging process, the regular, once-daily consumption of Basis is alleged to improve stores of NAD+, in turn promoting cellular health.

What did the clinical trial mentioned earlier indicate?

120 people participated in the clinical trial. As all proper clinical trials are supposed to be, it was performed as a double-blinded, randomized, and controlled by placebo.

Healthy people between the ages of 60 and 80 were given either:

  • A placebo
  • 250 mg of nicotinamide riboside and 50 mg of pterostilbene
  • 500 mg of nicotinamide riboside and 100 mg of pterostilbene

After four weeks, blood concentrations of NAD+ in the second group rose an average of 40 percent. Those in the third group rose a whopping 90 percent. As such, Elysium Health recommends healthy adults to take two capsules – equivalent to the third dosage seen above – per day.

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Louis Chenevert: A Giant in the Industry

Louis Chenevert is a successful Canadian businessman who was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) from 2006 to 2014, being with the company for nearly 20 years. He is a graduate of the prestigious Hautes Etudes Commerciales-Montreal, graduating in 1979. Prior to his time at UTC, Mr. Chenvert held the title of President at Canadian aircraft engine manufacturer Pratt and Whitney Corporation. Prior to his time at Pratt and Whiney, he spent 14 years at General Motors. With his vast amount of experience in the business world, Mr. Chenevert has established himself as a corporate giant.

Mr. Chenevert is a pragmatic leader who, during his time at UTC, help secure millions of dollars in government contracts from both Canada and the United States. This is one sector of the economy that has been very good to UTC over the years. With him at the helm UTC enjoyed an 8% return (profit) to shareholders on average. This made him a favorite among shareholders. In 2012, Chenevert oversaw the acquisition of Goodrich, an aircraft equipment company, for over $16 million. This was the largest acquisition in UTC’s history and is regarded as a deal that could pay huge dividends for the company in the years to come.

Louis took over UTC and nearly single-handedly turned the business into one of the most profitable conglomerates in the world. He turned UTC into a full-service manufacturer instead of just an aircraft engine manufacturer. He is responsible for steering the company’s engine business toward more fuel-saving designs, passing savings onto the consumer while boosting profits at the same time. His excellent record has made him become a household name in the aircraft industry. There is no doubt that Mr. Louis R. Chenevert is one of the greatest business giants of the last century.

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Dick DeVos Funds A Number Of Different Educational Projects

Dick and Betsy DeVos have always been heavily involved in philanthropy. They have a number of passions including education, and they strive to create opportunity for those who struggle to find their way. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation funds many different programs. Kids Hope USA, the West Michigan Aviation Academy, the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, Grove City College, and Urban Living are just a few of the programs that received funding from Dick and Betsy DeVos.


The West Michigan Aviation Academy was a unique idea that came from the passions of both Dick and his wife. Dick DeVos enjoys aviation. Betsy DeVos is very committed to providing education to anyone who desires it. They decided to combine their ideas and turn it into an opportunity for those who wanted to learn something new. This is where they came up with the idea for the academy.


The DeVos family is mostly proud of the fact that they were able to present the West Michigan Aviation Academy as a charter high school. This means that there is no funding required to attend school. It provides everyone who desires to study the unique curriculum at the academy with a chance to attend without financial strain.


Dick and Betsy DeVos donated 22.5 million dollars to the Kennedy Center & Institute of Arts Management in 2010. The facility was then named the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center. It offers intense training to art managers and board members. A focal point of studies is the Capacity Building Program. It provides technical assistance through seminars, on-site consultations and web chats.


Dick and Betsy DeVos took over as co-chairs of the Education Freedom Fund on 1993. The program offers scholarships to those families who cannot afford certain levels of tuition. The scholarship money provides them with the opportunity to attend the school of their choice. The DeVos family also matched donations given to the Education Freedom Fund by the Children’s Scholarship Fund. They continue to be heavily involved with the organization and has taken on all of its financial responsibilities.


Dick DeVos is a native of Grand Rapids, Michigan. He received his bachelor’s degree at Northwood University. DeVos would later go on to join his father’s company in 1974. Richard DeVos Sr developed Amway out of the family’s home. Dick DeVos began working for him as a child doing simple task. However, he eventually took over as CEO of Amway in place of his father.


To learn more, visit

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Dr. David Samadi Advice to Men on How to Keep Things Rolling in the Bedroom

     Being sexually active is one thing, however being sexually healthy and active is another. For men, being both active and healthy is critical. Almost all men like sex. The highest number of men love sex. Such men would be willing to engage in this activity just about each day of the week where possible.

However, if a man does not take care of himself, he may find that sex in later years may be different than in his twenties. Problems may arise with age. Such include depression, enlarged prostate, and erectile dysfunction.

Men must, therefore, take necessary preventive actions that guarantee their sexual health. By doing so, they will be preventing possible complications even before they occur. As a man, therefore, you need to understand the standard steps that help you understand the importance of prevention of sexual problems. Some of these measures include,

Exercising regularly

Do you want to have it on? Then go to the gym. Inactivity of the body muscles will only increase sexual problems. If you do not exercise, you will experience a reduction in the muscle mass, experience weight gain, lack energy and slow your metabolism rate. Regular workouts help release endorphin hormones that are responsible for increasing energy, confidence and libido. These are the three most important ingredients that a man needs for fun and frequent sex.

Reduce your Alcohol Intake

Here is a faster way to ruin your sex life-start engaging in heavy drinking. The more you take alcohol, the higher your chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction. You may be using alcohol to calm yourself as you relax the nerves. However, higher intake may lead to a decline in your libido. If your libido is low, you will experience difficulties trying to orgasm.

Manage your Stress Effectively

Stress is one of the leading sex killers. A man under pressure is uptight, worried, nervous and exhausted. Stress negatively affects the sex life of a man by making him feel out of control. To keep your sex life healthier and happy, you need to learn more on stress management. A relaxed man is always full of intimacy in the bedroom.

Dr. David Samadi is a surgeon by profession. He specializes in robotic surgery to perform surgery on his patients. Dr. David Samadi joy is having cancer free and sexually active men enjoying their life. Dr. David Samadi is also the Chairman of Urology at the Lenox Hill Hospital. He appreciates treating a patient in whole rather than concentrating only on prostate cancer.


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Talk Fusion’s Big Year in 2016 Yields Rewards

Talk Fusion is a revolutionary video marketing and communications oriented company that has been in the business for the better part of the past decade. Talk Fusion was created by CEO Bob Reina as an answer to what he believed to be one of the most important and effective new growing markets: video advertising. Reina early on realized the power that video offered and so he made it his goal to create a platform and suite of marketing tools that directly took advantage of it. Now, in 2016, Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion is being handsomely rewarded for their work with a special industry award.


This past year saw Talk Fusion release what is potentially one of their most important pieces of software: the Talk Fusion Video Chat program. Video Chat is an application designed to connect users face to face, across platforms, in a live video chat. Built on WebRTC technology and available for both Android and iTunes, the Video Chat app has the potential to be a true game changer when things are all said and done. Fortunately for Talk Fusion, people took notice of its power right away. Talk Fusion was handed the 2016 Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award for their work on Video Chat. The award was presented by a company named Technology Marketing Corporation. This is actually the second award that Talk Fusion has taken home from TMC.


The TMC award for Communication Solutions is handed out to companies that do the best in paving the way for changes within the video marketing world. Rich Tehrani, CEO at the TMC, said this: True leaders within their industries, these honorees represent the best of the best products and solutions available on the market today.” Tehrani’s words were simple and powerful and a symbol of the hard work that Talk Fusion has been putting in.


The recent award will join the mantle where Talk Fusion has been collecting many others over the years. Talk Fusion is now focused on 2017 for another chance to make a statement in an industry that is all too ready to move on to the next big thing. Learn more:


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Kim Dao Enjoys Her Time In Sweden With Friends

Kim Dao starts her video getting some coffee. She is traveling in Sweden. She has some food. She met a subscriber in the city. Kim Dao explores the city. She sees some Harry Potter things in the store. She gets a drink. She is in Sweden for the weekend. She will be hanging out with friends. She has dinner with friends. Learn more:

It is the next day in Sweden. They are walking around. They came upon a Korean food festival. She is about to check it out with her friends. She met a few supporters. They explore the festival but it is really crowded. They is a lot of food but they decide to get food somewhere else. Kim Dao orders a Tofu bowl for lunch. She buys presents for her family in Denmark. She returned back to the hotel. She spent four hours talking in a coffee shop. She is about to go back out for dinner. She will be returning home early because she is extremely tired. She gets Tapas for dinner.

It is now the last day in Sweden. Kim Dao walked around the city and did some last minute shopping. She purchased more presents for her family members. She is waiting on her friend. Kim Dao is about to explore the city some more and get lunch. She has enjoyed her time in Sweden. She goes to Central Station to have lunch. She says goodbye to her friend.

Kim Dao is on the train. She has been traveling for 5 hours. She is back in Denmark. She gave Aslan his present and he likes it. It is the next day and Kim Dao ends the vlog.

Video here.

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The Marvelous Work of Amicus Therapeutics

Amicus Therapeutics is a worldwide biotechnology company dealing with innovative and advanced therapies to treat various deadly rare diseases. They have also developed treatments meant to combat human genetic disorders. The company’s current and lead product is the migalastat, a personalized medicine developed to treat patients with Fabry disease in accordance to their genetic diagnosis. Another late-stage developed product is the SD-101, a therapy for the Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). EB is a sporadic but deadly genetic disorder of the connective tissue. Amicus Therapeutics is leveraging their Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy (CHART) and biologics principle technologies to generate novel enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) products. The new products are for diseases such as Pompe disease, Fabry disease, and other Lysosomal Storage Disorders (LSDs).


The company’s lead biologics program so far is ATB200/AT2221, an ERT uniquely designed for Pompe disease which will be given in combination with a pharmacological chaperone. The ERT is developed by specifically targeting the mutated proteins, and this approach is devoted to gaining enhanced treatments for the rare genetic diseases. Amicus Therapeutics has the passion for science which motivates the company towards their success. They have different programs which include; Epidermolysis Bullosa program, Fabry Disease Program, Pompe Disease program and Preclinical Programs. At a recent Scientific Conference, the team presented their elementary clinical data concerning Pompe Disease. They also got to learn any latest research in the neuromuscular disease.


Amicus Therapeutics won an award in 2016 for their first drug acceptance and approval (YahooFinance). John Crowley, the chairman of the company, was the one who accepted the Innovator Award on behalf of the enterprise. Amicus also has an intern program that takes people from different parts of the world to learn and gain the experience across the various disciplines. The program helps many individuals and being global it is an efficient method to distribute their knowledge all over. Amicus Therapeutics also holds volunteer programs. They spent three days helping the Habitat for Humanity in Monmouth County; together with the communities, they developed better and affordable houses for people in the area. Amicus Therapeutics is a company which values the lives of individuals, and their fundamental goal is to make the world a better place.

More about Amicus Therapeutics at

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Osteo Relief Institute New Jersey Becomes One the Best Rated Health Facility

Getting the right doctor at times can be hectic. One of the imperative consideration is to ensure that you put your health in the hands of someone and institution that you feel confident with. This is because there is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to the field of medicine. For instance, arthritis is a common disease but poorly understood. There are more than 100 types of arthritis, and more 50 million U.S citizens are victims in one way or the other. The common risk factors for arthritis include previous tissue injury, overweight and family history.


About Osteo Relief Institute New Jersey


Osteo Relief Institute New Jersey is a multi-disciplinary clinic. This means that it is run by a group of professional certified doctors and therapists. The institute which is family oriented has a major focus on improving the overall society health state. Surgery is not its priority and specializes in using safe and efficient treatment before opting for surgery. This is because surgery has adverse impacts on both the patient and family members directly and indirectly.


Osteo Relief Institute New Jersey has significantly relied on a unique combination of FDA approved and cleared technologies. These combinations enable effective treatments that have little or no downtime. Additionally, the use of most advanced state of the art technology across all its clinics has helped thousands to get a long-lasting relief for the health issue.


The overall rating of Osteo Relief Institute is relatively high compared to other health facilities. This is because of the team in the institute, ranging from the receptionists to specialists. All the physicians working in the facility has been certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties (PhillyPurge). This means that all doctors working with the organization have completed a medical degree from a recognized faculty of medicine. Additionally, it also means that they have also completed 3 to 7 years of accredited residency training.


Osteo Relief Institute has adopted a patient-centered medical home initiative ( The model use innovative, team based approach that is specially designed to increase healthcare coordination across different healthcare clinics spread across the region. The team in Osteo Relief Institute keeps an accurate record of you and your family to monitor the overall health care closely. This reduces chances of being misdiagnosed by a very high level.

More about Osteo Relief Institute on Facebook | LinkedIn

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Eli Gershkovitch and the craft beer industry in Canada

Eli Gershkovitch is a seasoned businessman with extensive experience in the craft beer brewing industry. For a very long time, Eli always admired a comfortable life where he was able to control his activities hence the stimulus to start up the Steam work a hectoliter brewing company in Canada. Gershkovitch`s calm personality can at times fool his competitors, but an in depth understanding of the man proves his business acumen.

He is well aware of the stiff competition coming from start-up brewing companies in Ontario, and British Columbia but his determination and uniqueness positions his Steamwork company way above the new brands ( He focuses on delivering quality beer in a great quantity and at affordable prices. This helps a lot in maximizing his output and increase profits.


The Steam work craft beer brewing company traced its paths back in 1995. Eli Gershkovitch started it as a small pub in Gastown Vancouver that has since grown to be a hectoliter brewing company in Canada and the whole world. Initially, the bar could accommodate only 184 people, but the number has since increased to 754 seats.


The pub has as well expanded its wings to even other parts of Vancouver. This has operated as an essential ingredient in the expansion of Steamwork`s popularity as their beers steadily fit into the cultures of Vancouver residents. Eli is the sole proprietor of the brewing company. This helps him achieve the freedom he always yearned for and assist him in living a Porsche lifestyle as he expands his classic cars collection.

Though Eli has formed a niche in the Canadian craft beer industry, other stakeholders are on their toes to ensure they meet the beer demand in the country. Some of the seasoned names include:


Central City Brewing- what brought the brewery to the limelight was its potential to clinch the 2012 Canadian brewing award. One of their popular craft beer is the Red Racer Pale Ale a bitter, yet preferred beer for the British Army soldiers in India.

Denison Brewing company- The brand is known for the manufacture of Weissbier a pure wheat-brewed beer that has always enjoyed predominance from the past.

Black Oak Brewery- This is a famous brewing company in Ontario and came to be known for

the manufacture of Nutcracker porter, a sweet craft beer that is less hoppy.