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Steve Lesnard on Product Areas to Highlight to Run a Successful Product Introduction Marketing Campaign

Steve Lesnard is a leading marketing expert who has honed his skills over years of experience in the field and also while working as a management executive for different global brands. He has seen many marketing trends come and go, but the current digital age making use of social media seems to be here to stay. In his experience, marketing in the digital age, especially for new product introductions, should pay attention to two main principles.

To begin with, keeping it simple is the key to making a product memorable. The first company that comes to Steve Lesnard’s in this respect is Apple. Its iPod marketing campaign “10k songs in your pocket” is a classic example. The company’s marketing team cut to the core of the matter by showing how the new product was clearly beneficially to consumers – a whopping 10k songs – while highlighting its most innovative and relevant feature – the ability to carry the device everywhere with you in your pocket.

Apple has since then continued using this marketing formula in its favor. With its current watch, not only does the gadget allows you to remain connected even when you do not have your phone with you, but it also helps you keep fit by monitoring various aspects of sports training. This positions it as both a safety, as well as a health and fitness product since it now even has a new ECG feature.

The other principle focuses on bringing the product to life by making it real. Here, Steve Lesnard takes a look at Yeti’s marketing campaign for its range of coolers. By highlighting how the product came in handy for its product ambassadors, the company joined an established market successfully. Using a clear link between the ambassadors’ outdoor lifestyle experience to the problem the company was seeking to solve – keeping drinks either colder or warmer for longer in the wild – Yeti struck a chord with other people trying to solve the same problem.

The second principle focuses on the consumer experience. Using today’s dynamic marketing tools to place a product in the right context, getting through to consumers should be easier, leading to a successful product introduction campaign. So far, the use of videos seems like one of the best ways to highlight a product’s best features while placing it in the right context.