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The Professional Background and Attributes of Stratford Shields in the Finance Sector

Stratford Shields is the managing director at Loops Capital Markets. He has been a corporate leader in the municipal finance sector for more than two decades. The Chicago based company is a public finance investment banking firm that covers major customers in the Midwest and northwest area. He previously worked with the federal state as president of the state controlling board. Additionally, he served as assistant director at Ohio State in the budget and management department.

He has worked as a top investment banker in the privatization areas as well. This includes landmark financial deals for institutions like the Ohio State University on its parking systems. He has helped the consumers with transaction structuring and credit strategies for best financial outcomes.

During his role at Morgan Stanley as head of public finance, he worked with the CFO of the University of Ohio State. They both worked on a privatization project. It was aimed at improving the operations at the University as well as raising funds for its completion. This inspired him to start his own enterprise in privatization.

Like a morning routine, Stratford Shields begins his day at the office. He is involved in thinking and laying down strategies about the main clients. He is focused on innovative financial strategies. However, the routine changes during travels and visits to clients.

The successful businessman is a believer in reading in order to beware of all current happenings. It ensures that he keeps up with the clients as well as fulfills his curiosity on major events in the world. He owes his unique level of creativity and productivity to reading numerous new sources like web and other online services.

He encourages young entrepreneurs to think outside the box. This is because there are better ways of doing something rather than the usual way. He is also keen on what the clients want including the fine details.

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Matthew Fleeger Continues Making a Mark in the Oil & Gas Industry

Straight out of Dallas, Texas comes a businessman and company that exhibit traits only seen with the trendsetters of the oil and gas industry. Everyone knows that Texas is known for its part in housing a significant part of the oilfield, but what they might not know is that it has also bred companies like Gulf Coast Western that proactively expand their footprint around the country.

This leaves one to wonder exactly how they do it, and what gives them an advantage over the many other companies within the industry. It’s by embracing the extensive experience their team brings to the table, industry knowledge, resources, and some of the best in the industry. Combine this with their focus on embracing locations that carry both geological and geophysical advantages and it’s quite clear.

Born during the 70s, Gulf Coast Western currently spans 5 states in total.

These states include Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas. All five states have a major footprint when it comes to oil and gas production within the united states. This has allowed Gulf Coast Western to enter production in more than one way, instead of being restricted to just one.

Matthew Fleeger brought a lot of valuable skills to his father’s company.

One might think that he was unfocused due to the amount of companies that he worked at as an executive, but he used it to refine his experience and skills. His father gave him the inspiration he needed to make the most out of being a businessman. In 2007, he took the experience, knowledge, and skills he had gained over the years and used them to take Gulf Coast Western to the next level.

The future is what you make it, and they don’t seem to be slowing down.

They’re always adding onto their roster of partners and looking for the next opportunity. Since 2007, Gulf Coast Western has seen great growth and a way of business like no other. With things going this way, the sky is the limit as long as they continue to push the limits and produce new ways of generating success for their company and those who make it possible.

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Steve Lesnard on Product Areas to Highlight to Run a Successful Product Introduction Marketing Campaign

Steve Lesnard is a leading marketing expert who has honed his skills over years of experience in the field and also while working as a management executive for different global brands. He has seen many marketing trends come and go, but the current digital age making use of social media seems to be here to stay. In his experience, marketing in the digital age, especially for new product introductions, should pay attention to two main principles.

To begin with, keeping it simple is the key to making a product memorable. The first company that comes to Steve Lesnard’s in this respect is Apple. Its iPod marketing campaign “10k songs in your pocket” is a classic example. The company’s marketing team cut to the core of the matter by showing how the new product was clearly beneficially to consumers – a whopping 10k songs – while highlighting its most innovative and relevant feature – the ability to carry the device everywhere with you in your pocket.

Apple has since then continued using this marketing formula in its favor. With its current watch, not only does the gadget allows you to remain connected even when you do not have your phone with you, but it also helps you keep fit by monitoring various aspects of sports training. This positions it as both a safety, as well as a health and fitness product since it now even has a new ECG feature.

The other principle focuses on bringing the product to life by making it real. Here, Steve Lesnard takes a look at Yeti’s marketing campaign for its range of coolers. By highlighting how the product came in handy for its product ambassadors, the company joined an established market successfully. Using a clear link between the ambassadors’ outdoor lifestyle experience to the problem the company was seeking to solve – keeping drinks either colder or warmer for longer in the wild – Yeti struck a chord with other people trying to solve the same problem.

The second principle focuses on the consumer experience. Using today’s dynamic marketing tools to place a product in the right context, getting through to consumers should be easier, leading to a successful product introduction campaign. So far, the use of videos seems like one of the best ways to highlight a product’s best features while placing it in the right context.