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Boraie Development

About Boraie development

Boraie development is a top-notch property development in New Jersey. It has risen the ranks since its inception, having developed over a million square meters of property. The company insists on good client service and is fully dedicated to achieving the dreams of their customers. Boraie development not only develops properties but also manages them. Their managing services are integrated with an excellent sales team that ensures every aspect of property development is met.

Partnership with Shaquille

With Kaseem Boraie at its helm, the company has partnered with notable names such as Shaquille O’Neal, a former Basketball celebrity. Their long-standing partnership which began in 2005 has seen the remodeling of a community theatre among other investments. Their latest project is a residential complex, The Aspire, which is set to meet tenants’ lifestyle needs at market price.

Shaquille O’Neal grew up in the Newark area and is determined to give back to the community. He does this by the real estate developments he has funded.

About Aspire

The aspire building that has recently been completed is a gem among Newark’s residential market. It contains state of the art facilities such as a gym, a pool as well as a 24-hour doorman service. Aside from its ample parking, the building also boasts of a lush garden and a barbeque area as well as an impressive sun deck. All these make for a highly sought-after property.

The O’Neal- Boraie partnership has truly contributed a lot to the housing sector in Newark.

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Gino Pozzo: Leading the Watford Football Club to New Heights

Gino Pozzo is the owner of the Watford Football Club. He is an Italian entrepreneur, who is the son of Giampaolo Pozzo, a well-off Italian businessman. He is from an influential family of entrepreneurs who are based in Italy, and the Pozzo family has a lot of investments in different industries. The Watford Football Club is being guided by Gino Pozzo, leading them to success. He also serves as the managing director of the team, and he inherited the management of the football club from his father. He loves to look after his football team, and he would also look at the players every day making sure that they are doing their best to win their matches.

For the current season of the Watford Football Club, it was reported that Gino Pozzo is working with his father to negotiate the transfers of different players between his club and the Udinese Calcio, an Italy-based football club. He wanted his players to train harder, and he is officiating the transfer to ensure that they will learn more about new techniques and methods on how they can dominate the sport. Gino Pozzo wanted to be known as one of the best football club owners in the United Kingdom, and he is serious about the transformation of the Watford Football Club. Many professional football players are also expressing their interest to join the football club because of the advantages attributed in joining the Watford Football Club.

Before the owner of the Pozzos, the Watford Football Club is under the ownership of Laurence Bassini. In June 2012, the father and son tandem purchased the football club and transferring the players to the teams under their ownership. The Pozzos invested heavily in the football club, and Gino Pozzo’s father would eventually sell one of their football clubs to a wealthy Chinese businessman.