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Nick Vertucci’s Journey Of Success In Real Estate And Poker

Nick Vertucci is recognized as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, especially in the real estate industry. Nick ventured into business in 1990 where he used to sell computer parts. However, the business failed in the early 2000s, and he decided to learn more about investing in real estate. His efforts to learn more about the real estate market paid off, and he made his first million thus improving the lives of his family. As years went by Vertucci decided to develop his real estate business NVREA (Nick Vertucci real estate academy). Nick’s main goal for opening his real estate academy was to provide a path for other people like him to build their real estate careers. However, when Vertucci was building his real estate academy, he faced some challenges one of them being dishonesty from business partners. Despite the challenges, Vertucci was dedicated, and he did not give up until he achieved his goal. In 2014 Vertucci had concurred all the challenges, and he successfully opened his real estate academy.

Nick together with his academy NVREA offer training and education to the youths about investing in real estate and how to get started. Recently nicks company was recognized as one of the fast-growing companies in the world. The students in the academy learn about buying and holding properties for long term cash, wholesale and flipping contracts, commercial investments among others. Nick Vertucci is also recognized as a poker player from way back when he participated in a tournament in 2004. As Nick continued to invest in real estate, he also improved his skills as a poker player. Nick applies his business skills in poker and has participated in several tournaments such as the world series of world poker, world poker tournaments, and poker after dark. Vertucci plays poker with the world’s most popular celebrities in the entertainments industry. According to Nick Vertucci, poker and business are related because they both involve taking risks for you to win a prize or make a profit.

Recently Nick published a book, seven-figure decisions: having balls the to succeed. The book talks more about nicks journey of success both in the real estate and in playing poker. Nick’s book has motivated so many young people who want to become successful in life. In his book, Nick is very real and details about his challenges and his achievements in the real estate industry. During an interview, Nick says that it is worth reading seven figure decisions as it is backed up by Kevin Harrington from shark tank and endorsed by Dean Cain who is a producer. Since the book was published the sales keep increasing and today more than a thousand copies have been sold. Nick’s investments philosophy involves investing in various business fields and trying out everything that will help one succeed in life. Nick is very determined and is open-minded to learning new things as well as seeking mentorship. It’s through Nick’s persistence and determination that he has become very successful in real estate and poker.