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Heather Parry: A Star Is Born

“A Star is Born” is a Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga movie that has become one of the biggest films of the year. Heather Parry works for Live Nation Productions and had started her job on December 1st, 2015. She was pitching for “A Star Is Born,” while at a Martha Stewart dinner party because she pitched to Bradly Cooper’s agent, Dave Bugliari, who was on a ski lift at the time. Heather Parry was instrumental in getting “A Star Is Born,” out, as Parry is a great multitasker. Parry has a Beverly Hills division producing documentaries that reveal the artist behind the music, joining them on an emotional and spiritual journey.

Heather Parry 

Her budget is largely under $5 million with the exception of “A Star Is Born,” while Dan Reynolds had a project under Parry where he tried to change his fellow Mormon’s stance on homosexuality. Parry believes that if she cannot pitch something in 30 seconds, it will not work. She is not pressured into making a profit, but the films do wind up paying for themselves. Live Nation has to license any music that is used, which is not an issue for Parry. Lady Gaga saw her film the first time at the Toronto Music Festival. Her films are stories that stand for themselves. Her dream subject is Beyoncé and Jay-Z. While working for Live Nation, Parry has the opportunity to merge her love of music with her love of cinema. She had a career at MTV for 12 years, and then she worked for Adam Sandler for 10 years. Live Nation is a company for managers of huge stars such as Lady Gaga’s manager, Miley Cyrus’s manager, and Madonna’s manager. She just happened to connect with “A Star Is Born.” She believes synergy helps her connect with artists she wants to work with.