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Career Achievements of Heather Russell

Heather Russell is a financial and an accomplished legal executive. She has seen a vast number of firms rise towards accomplishing their goals through the guidance she offers them on customer relations and government relations. She has shown a broad understanding of the financial sector and as a result, she has acquired a great reputation. Heather has served in a vast number of firms and among them include the Bank of New York Mellon, where she served as the managing director and head of regulatory affairs as well as public relations. According to, Heather also served as the chief legal officer and senior vice president at Fifth Third Bank. She has served many other roles in various firms through which she gained impeccable skills in her field of specialization.

Heather Russell is currently the chief legal officer of TransUnion and she also oversees the legal matters of the firm’s subsidiaries. She has received a lot of accreditation from a vast number of people due to the vast understanding she has showcased in the field of finance, banking and legal matters guiding business operations. The renowned legal officer will majorly focus on the firm’s customer relations, legal and government relations among many other issues revolving around the business world.

Heather Russell (@heather_russell) has since the beginning of her career showed a great dedication towards achieving the best. She is an enterprising person and unstoppable when it comes to accomplishing her goals, and as a result, she is a role model and inspiration to many people. She likes sharing ideas with other people that show dedication towards their work. Heather is today among the most sought out legal officers and due to her heartwarming and positive attitude; she has already acquired major successes. She encourages entrepreneurs to exercise teamwork and be good listeners to both their clients and a team of employees, as it is one of the major basis for a successful business. Facebook:

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Hussain Sajwani: Developing the Skyline of the Middle East

Hussain Sajwani is the founder of DAMAC Properties, a property development firm based in the Middle East. He founded the company in 2002, and through the years, the company developed several high rises across the region. Hussain Sajwani is also one of the closest business partners of Donald J. Trump, and together, the two business moguls developed a golf course inside Dubailand. The DAMAC Properties have changed the skyline of key Middle Eastern cities, and many contractors all throughout the region are contacting the DAMAC owner to become their business partner. DAMAC Properties continue to construct luxury apartments around the region, and the company’s value rose to around $2 billion because of the number of projects that they have built. It also helped Hussain Sajwani to become a billionaire, becoming one of the wealthiest individuals in the UAE.

Currently, DAMAC Properties operate in the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, and the United Kingdom. They are constructing a lot of residential and commercial skyscrapers, supplying the soaring demand for these structures in the region. There are also a huge number of projects that are waiting to be approved by the government, which would add more skyscrapers in the Middle East.

One of the most iconic projects from DAMAC Properties is the development of the DAMAC Hills, which will be located in Dubai, and is boasted as a huge development area with more than 100 million square feet of space. The DAMAC Hills will be patterned after the Beverly Hills neighborhood in California, and luxury homes will be built inside the community. A mix of vertical and horizontal living space are also planned to be built within the DAMAC Hills, along with other amenities like golf courses, entertainment centers, and restaurants.

Aside from the development of communities, the DAMAC Properties has also joined the hospitality industry by building hotels and resorts all throughout the UAE. The present brands under the DAMAC Properties brand are the DAMAC Maison Royale – The Distinction, the DAMAC Maison – Mall Street, the DAMAC Maison – Canal Views, and the DAMAC Maison – Cour Jardin. Hussain Sajwani stated that he is also looking for other possible ventures in the future that would expand the influence of the company he founded.

Twitter: @hussainsajwani
Instagram: @hussainsajwani

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Bob Reina’s Unique Personality and Entrepreneurial Spirit and Talk Fusion

Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. He worked long and hard to get there as he juggled several jobs while attending college at the University of Florida. He attended the police academy and graduated at the top of his class. During his days as a policeman, however, Reina felt a calling to an entrepreneurial avenue. In order to make this possible, he took a side job as a part-time sales associate when he was introduced to network marketing in 1990. While doing so, he discovered that he had a passion for marketing. In spite of his family and friends’ skepticism, he did not let it stop him from founding Talk Fusion. In his spare time, he actively advocates for non-profit groups that help animals.


Bob Reina is said to be known for his sense of humor, which is probably a major contributing factor to his success. He has stated that it takes a lot of commitments over a period of time to be successful. Success, after all, doesn’t happen overnight. Another major contributing factor to his success is not only that he didn’t let his family and friends’ skepticism stop him, he also didn’t let any setbacks stop him, either. Instead, he stayed focused on his main mission no matter what. His main mantra is “I will”.


Reina also stated in his interview with Brandon Ferguson at Affiliate Dork that one thing he never does is look back. Instead, he prefers to focus on moving both himself and his team forward in the best ways possible. Bob Reina doesn’t believe in using just globalization to Talk Fusion’s advantage. He also very much believes in giving back. He did state that even though he does have a certain respect for those who believe in staying under the radar, using public profiles is what works best for his company.


Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007. It mainly sells digital products to help promote online businesses. They are basically a video communication business. Talk Fusion makes it easier than ever for entrepreneurs to market their products and services by using videochat, video advertising, etc. Talk Fusion is very easy to use. All the user has to do is record either in a built-up Web cam or a flip camera. Any device will do. However, the better quality that the device has, the better quality recording that the user will likely have.

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DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Sees A Bright Future

When housing development took a turn for the worst in Dubai recently, Hussain Sajwani was ready for it and posed his company to take the hit while continuing to complete projects they were involved in. He saw that the market was beginning to take a downward turn and waited for more investors to come into the country to restart his ventures. His company, DAMAC, has been developing housing and golf club projects throughout Dubai. The housing includes mansions, villas and apartments. Most of them are situated around a central golf course which Hussain Sajwani believes is the best amenity to have. Many of the people in the country and those who are relocating to it are avid golf players and this is a definite draw to his communities.

Saudi Projects quoted that DAMAC has now produced two of these luxury developments and is planning on several more projects in the near future. The housing demand in Dubai is rising daily with the influx of foreigners investing in the country. Many major corporations have relocated their headquarters to Dubai and this brings with it needs for more housing. DAMAC and Hussain Sajwani are ready to move forward to deliver what is needed. In the few short years it has been in operation, Hussain has seen his company grow to become one of the biggest in this field. He credits much of his success to his partnership with several American organizations.

The housing market is beginning to recover from the crash but there is much work that still needs to be done. The DAMAC owner feels that the mortgage lenders rules and regulations are continuing to stop people from making purchases. He is actively trying to change these things and is developing other types of lending practices to offer to his clients. Hussain Sajwani sees a bright future for his company and has projected sales to double within the next five years. Many people are following the growth of this company and are beginning to model their own plans after DAMAC.

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Jeff Herman Fight For Justice

Jeff Herman is also formally known by the name of Jeffery Herman is a lawyer by profession.


Jeff Herman is nationally recognized and well-known attorney and advocate. He is an attorney for those who are victims of sexual harassment, sexual abuse and rape victims. He is a formally from Boca Raton, Florida, United stated. He is a man of great ethics and believes that justice must be served to those who are constant victims of harassment. He was mostly focused and committed to stand against the torture and abuse towards child and other rape victims. He has spent most of his career in bringing justice to sexual abuse victims and exposing those who are responsible for these activities. Jeff raises his voice for those who cannot solely stand against the abuse.


In a recent interview with IdeaMensch, Jeff Herman spoke about his career and how he organizes it. He likes to narrow the cases to a simpler form and always uses the sources for his cases which are simple and direct. He pays a lot of attention to important documentation so that there is no space for any mistake. They analyses the cases and the documents related to those cases with greatest detail in order to be able to present them correctly during the proceedings. This is what makes Jeff and his team most efficient with the work they do.


Jeff Herman said how online advocacy has accumulated a huge number of people together in order to stand against abuse. This move has hugely contributed to providing justice and advocacy to those victims and also gives them the right they deserve. People now have the courage to speak up and fight which makes it easier for attorneys like Jeff to fight along with them. View Additional Info Here.


Jeff at a point became extremely overwhelmed with the depressive state of the victims and the pain they had to pass through. He took biometric training sessions which helped Jeff Herman to be mentally and emotionally strong when he fights cases of sexual abuse. He further said that a huge amount of passion and determination is required to success in this field. Sometimes it is difficult to stay motivated when working with such complicated and complex cases, but it is the true passion for the profession that drives one to reach victory and success in the field of an attorney and advocate.


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Jeb McCaleb Predicts How Blockchain Technology Will Change Banking

There are still millions of people who are not on board with the concept of cryptocurrency. However, there are those with a firm grip on the subject and its technology. Jeb McCaleb is one such individual. He understands it enough to be able to predict how it will change global payment transactions, how it will affect fund raising, and how it will influence the stock market. Jeb McCaleb is a disrupter in the field, and has affiliated with some of the biggest crypto organizations to date.

Presently, he is operates at the chief technology officer for Stellar. The company’s goal is to develop the technology that allows for payments that can occur cross borders. This type of technology would save lenders and borrowers billions in banking fees.

It would certainly change business as usual. McCaleb recently shared his views on how he thinks it is the perfect time for a secure network that allows for universal payments. It will involve a public ledger where people will be able to use their own currency, like dollars and euros.

According to McCaleb, Stellar positions itself to be a major player in the bitcoin market. The value of its currency may already have a market value of $12 billion. This comes at a time when there are a number of virtual currencies that have slipped in the market due to corrections and changes in the crypto marketplace.

Global Coin Report mentioned that Stellar is also on a mission to promote access to global financing, and to promote financial literacy and inclusion. They see this occurring through access to affordable financial services, technology, and partnerships. The company envisions a system where people of every income level will have the ability to access secure financial products across the globe. This may do more to level the playing field than any other incentive to date.

Here’s Jed’s McCaleb about blockchain: