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Heather Russell: New Chief Legal Officer at TransUnion

Heather Russell joined TransUnion as the new CLO and Executive Vice-President. The notable legal executive was hired by TransUnion to replace John Blenke who will retire after mentoring Heather for some time. John Blenke will be helping Heather transition into her new role before he takes his leave from the company.

The CEO was ecstatic to have Heather Russell join the firm and expects her to bring a lot of positivity and help TransUnion grow to new heights in her role.

TransUnion is a consumer credit reporting firm with presence in over 30 countries worldwide and looks to help customers understand and better manage their credit. With Heather Russell’s fin-tech (financial technology) knowledge, TransUnion has found a perfect replacement for the retiring John Blenke.

Heather Russell brings with her over two decades of experience which includes being an integral member of the Buckley Sandler’s LLP team where she headed up the Financial Institutions Regulation, Supervision & Technology (termed FIRST) which acted as a counsel to clients in advising about future events like mergers, and regulatory consultation to make sure regulatory approvals aren’t too troublesome. The process being quite similar to the role played by financial consultants and fin-tech companies in the world which advice clients on the changing market climate.

She also brings with her experience of being Corporate Secretary at the Fifth Third Bank as well as the experience of being the Global Chief Regulatory Counsel at Bank of New York Mellon where she split her time between several offices.

Heather Russell was a standout much before she started working, getting her ‘Juris Doctor‘ from American University’s Washington College of Law, graduating ‘cum laude’. Her work ethic during her term as the editor of the school’s ‘Law Review’ and her academic excellence earned her the prestigious title of ‘Most Outstanding Graduate’ of her class.

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