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Meet the Newest Staff Member of TransUnion: Heather Russell

The root of the success of every company comes from the leadership of the company. The leaders are like the drivers of the company; sometimes the drivers need to navigate and find better ways to handle the situation on the roads. The creativity of the leaders propel the sales of the company.

TransUnion is sad to bid goodbye one of their employees. John Blenke will voluntarily retire at the end of this year. Fortunately, they have found an equally great replacement who will continue his great work in the company.

Heather Russell, has an experience of more than two decades in the field. Russell will be serving the company as their new Chief Legal Officer. The Chief Executive Officer of the company mentioned that the contribution of Heather Russell will be of importance to the organization.

The company helps the business people make informed decisions in the market. The company also helps the consumers in getting the information on the goods. Russell says that he is very grateful and excited for the chance he has landed. He is willing to corporate with the leadership of the organization to see that the clients of the company get the best services.

According to the Globe News Wire, the organization understands the importance of great decision making. The company is dedicated to seeing that the clients have the valuable information they need. The company carries out exclusive research and establishes trends for accuracy. They also uncover all the unique trends and historical data to help manage the risks that the business persons are facing and help the clients manage their credits.

Due to its nature, TransUnion has been embraced by many individuals and is now available in more than 30 countries. It aims to see that it creates safer economies and families across the world. Heather Russell is ready to see that this happens.

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