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Heather Russell: New Chief Legal Officer at TransUnion

Heather Russell joined TransUnion as the new CLO and Executive Vice-President. The notable legal executive was hired by TransUnion to replace John Blenke who will retire after mentoring Heather for some time. John Blenke will be helping Heather transition into her new role before he takes his leave from the company.

The CEO was ecstatic to have Heather Russell join the firm and expects her to bring a lot of positivity and help TransUnion grow to new heights in her role.

TransUnion is a consumer credit reporting firm with presence in over 30 countries worldwide and looks to help customers understand and better manage their credit. With Heather Russell’s fin-tech (financial technology) knowledge, TransUnion has found a perfect replacement for the retiring John Blenke.

Heather Russell brings with her over two decades of experience which includes being an integral member of the Buckley Sandler’s LLP team where she headed up the Financial Institutions Regulation, Supervision & Technology (termed FIRST) which acted as a counsel to clients in advising about future events like mergers, and regulatory consultation to make sure regulatory approvals aren’t too troublesome. The process being quite similar to the role played by financial consultants and fin-tech companies in the world which advice clients on the changing market climate.

She also brings with her experience of being Corporate Secretary at the Fifth Third Bank as well as the experience of being the Global Chief Regulatory Counsel at Bank of New York Mellon where she split her time between several offices.

Heather Russell was a standout much before she started working, getting her ‘Juris Doctor‘ from American University’s Washington College of Law, graduating ‘cum laude’. Her work ethic during her term as the editor of the school’s ‘Law Review’ and her academic excellence earned her the prestigious title of ‘Most Outstanding Graduate’ of her class.

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Jeunesse Global Product Cosmetic Line

Jeunesse Global is a cosmetic company that uses natural ingredients to help people stay young and feel energetic for a healthier living. All the products created by Jeunesse can be narrowed down to the Youth Enhancement System, and they feature both skin care cosmetics and nutritious supplements. The Youth Enhancement System works in nine different ways:

  • Rejuvenate

This is achieved by the LUMINESCE cosmetic line that is innovatively made from ingredients that will vitalize, smoothen, and radiate your skin for an amazing glow. It has anti aging properties that will help you get rid of wrinkles and fine lines to achieve a youthful appearance.


  • Defend

RESERVE is created with the aim of defending your skin against foreign materials like free radicals. It attains this by utilizing the antioxidant properties of the superfruits featured.

  • Diminish

Jeunesse claims that using Instantly Ageless will help remove wrinkles, pores, fine lines, black lines, and under-eye bags in under 2 minutes.

  • Restore

You can restore your energy and youth with FINITI, which is made from fruit and vegetable extracts.

  • Enhance

AM & PM Essentials- These supplements are used to reduce your rate of aging, relieve stress, and improve your mood and sleep.

  • Balance

For weight management, ZEN BODI helps in taming your appetite, burning fat, and building muscles.

  • Energize

Nevo is available in four formula flavors with each can containing 50 calories. What’s more, the formula is free of artificial additives, flavors, colors etc. The supplement’s calories are just enough to keep you energized as you attain your optimum potential. The energy drinks are made from fruit juice.

  • Beautify

To keep your skin smooth, radiant, soft, glowing, Jeunesse created a product line called NV. The product is composed of a BB foundation that will keep your skin nourished, a primer to give your skin a flawless look before the foundation, and a bronze to give it an amazing finish. This beauty product is reliable for a professional airbrush finish.

    • Clarity

To boost your memory and focus, you can go for M1ND, which is a dietary supplement. It features l-theanine and CERA-Q as the main ingredients.

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Heather Russell: TransUnion’s Newest VP

TransUnion, one of the world’s foremost consumer credit reporting agencies, has recently announced that Heather Russell will be joining the company as its new Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer. Russell will be taking the reigns from retiring Executive VP John Blenke. Blenke, who has served in the position for 15 years, will be working with Russell during the transition period.

As one of the big 3 American rating agencies, TransUnion is also a global player operating in more than 30 countries. The company was seeking a skilled and innovative mind to spearhead its future growth strategies. With a cum laude Juris Doctor from American University’s College of Law, and as her class’s “Most Outstanding Graduate”, Heather Russell is well poised to hit the ground running in her new role.

Following her education, Russell embarked on a successful legal career with the international firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, LLP. As a lawyer, Russell concentrated mostly on the international financial sector, working to navigate complex and global regulatory frameworks, and in international mergers and acquisitions.

Heather Russell transitioned that financial background into a series of executive roles with Fifth Third Bank, Bank of New York Mellon, and Bank of America. She was New York Mellon’s Global Chief Regulatory Counsel and founder of the bank’s Office of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs. Russell next moved to Bank of America, acting as the global behemoth’s Global Chief Regulatory Counsel and a Senior Vice President.

According to Crunchbase, when she reentered the legal world in 2016, joining Buckley Sandler,LLP, Russell was charged with running the firm’s Financial Institutions Regulation, Supervision & Technology division.

TransUnion President James M. Peck has said he is looking forward to the experience Heather Russell will bring to the company. Peck noted her influence will be felt by “consumers, customers and global economies”.

Get in touch with Heather through

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Jim Toner: Investment Guru Changing Perceptions On Investments

Jim Toner is an accomplished entrepreneur with twenty-five years experience in the real investment industry. He is popularly known as an “Anti guru” who has a passion for real estate and possesses great entrepreneurial skills.

Jim Toner who is 27 years of age has interacted with some famous titles in the business. He has also been featured in many TV stations including; FOX, NBC, CNN and CBS among others. He has also appeared in a number of magazines and newspapers providing investment ideas to readers. People travel from around America and beyond to attend his real estate programs that usually cost a maximum of 15,000 dollars. Jim Toner shares a number of secrets on investment opportunities on these platforms and offers strategies to investors can adopt. The strategies seek to provide people with a financial future in investing in real estate.

Jim Toner founded the Wolf Business Group in 2007, a company that people rely on to offer insight on acquiring profits and business growth. The company consists of a team of experts and business authors with the tools and resources needed by companies to increase their profits. It has its offices in the US and Europe and contributes greatly to helping businesses thrive. Jim Toner specializes in creating a user-friendly service that attracts many people who desire to receive his real estate investment programs. He also uses the 12 Little Houses Plan to create financial freedom for others.

Jim Toner contributes to the community by engaging in various philanthropist projects that involve veterans and the homeless. He is a member of various philanthropic organizations and he also sits in their boards. Jim Toner is an employee of a reputable company and privately coaches a range of groups on business issues and investment real estate.

According to Toner, he has great expertise as a public speaker, consultant, and host of a radio show. He has given countless speeches in the United States and around the world on investing in real estate. He is also an author and in his book,  he talks about challenges and opportunities in real estate. He also offers a roadmap in the book that companies and individuals can use to avoid making mistakes when faced with liars and con people while working in the industry.

Jim Toner is an acclaimed investment entrepreneur who is changing the perception of people on investment matters. He has mastered the art through experience and is using his skills to transform the society.

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The Chainsmokers Reveal Their Secrets to Producing Massive Hits

Hit songs are a dime a dozen in this era of producing tracks for the multitudes. How is a hit song produced? This is a secret that will soon be revealed when Chainsmokers breaks down their latest release. The newest work by Chainsmokers “Somebody” focuses on pitch up vocals and modular synth work. One unique fact is that a portion of the vocals was originally produced for an entirely different song. As a result, there is a unique pitch change in the music

Those who are interested in how hit songs are created can have a front row seat. The Chainsmokers have promised to provide a tutorial on how they produced the song. This is expected to be released soon. Viewers will be able to peek into all the steps required to produce a hit song. This is an exciting opportunity. Especially, with the success of the duos first tow albums.

The Chainsmokers reached a status of notoriety with their hit song Selfie. The song shot to the top of the charts in several countries. In 2015, The Chainsmokers release their Debut Bouquet in October of 2015. One of their singles Roses reached the top of the Billboard Top 100. Another of the duo’s single from the record Don’t Let Me Down won a Grammy. While Closer, reached number one on the charts. Additional awards include the American Music Awards, and an iHeartRAdio Music Awards. The duo also succeeded with their second EP release Collage.

With their swift success, The Chainsmokers are an excellent resource on how to produce hit songs. The team consist of American DJs and production team Alex Pall and Andrew Taggert. The two met in New York in 2012 while Pall was working as a DJ. Taggert was focused on establishing himself as a DJ during this time. Creating EDM’s on his MacBook Pro. The pair teamed up and made history after the release of their first EDM.

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Hussain Sajwani Owner DAMAC Properties

Mr. Hussain Sajwani is a global property developer who is the founder and chairman of DAMAC Properties. Under the leadership of Mr. Sajwani DAMAC was ranked in Forbes 2017 Global 2000 list. He is a native of the UAE and attended the University of Washington and received a bachelor’s degree studying Economics and Industrial Engineering.

He began a catering venture in 1982 that has grown into a market giant that manages over 200 projects serving over 150,000 daily meals across the globe. He also helped to pioneer the Dubai property market expansion and in 2002 started DAMAC Properties. Over the years under DAMAC has developed into an industry leader and is now one of the largest Middle Eastern property development firms.

When asked about how he arrived at the idea to become owner of DAMAC Mr. Sajwani said that his entrepreneurial spirit began when he was a child helping with the family business after school each day. This work ethic continued when he came to the United States to study at the University of Washington. He said that while in Washington he began selling time-share apartments and the proceeds from this venture later on would help to start his own business. He explained that two years after graduating from college and working in the gas industry he realized that he could start his own business. He established a catering business which became a regional success. The catering business allowed Mr. Sajwani to begin investing in small hotels and helped to fund tower developments in Dubai.

Mr. Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, said that his typical day begins with meetings with his management team where he is updated on various business issues and aspects. He stated that another essential part of his day is interacting and meeting with business partners, as well as other members of the business community. He explained that nurturing and expanding networks is crucial to success in his business.

Mr. Sajwani states that imagining Dubai as it could be in 20 years is the inspiration for his ideas and his work ethic is the mechanism to achieving that dream.

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Madison Street Capital: An Expert Firm in Financial Advisory

Madison Street Capital is a large investment-banking firm that operates in the middle market. It is the exclusive financial adviser to the famous DCG software value; a firm focused on software estimation and software value management services among others. In the recent engagement, Madison Street Capital served as the major financial adviser for DCG Software Value. This is an international provider for software estimation analysis, function point analysis, and software value management in a merger with The Spitfire Group. The Spitfire Group is known to be a very business oriented technology consulting company that is based in Denver. The chief executive officer of MSC, Charles Botchway, announced the merger transaction. Jay Rodger who is an executive at Madison Street Capital led it. However, the terms and conditions laid up for the transaction were not disclosed. The two companies share two things: Excellent management executives lead them and they are leaders in the business IT industry. Mike Harris is the chief executive officer of DCG Software Value and he commented that it was a great honor to engage in the deal through the leadership of Jay Rodger of Madison Street Capital. The chief executive officer of Spitfire is Mark Richtermeyer.


Madison Street Capital is a very committed company whose virtues and values can never be undermined. Their core values include integrity in leadership and excellence of service to customers. They provide diverse services that entail financial advisory, financial opinions, mergers & acquisitions, and valuations services. Their services cut across the publicly held and privately owned businesses. Their services give them a higher rank at the international level while positioning the customers in a better place in the global industry. The best thing about this firm is that they own every client’s project and work on it as if it were their own. The firm is committed to exploring more in the market to understand most emerging issues as they consider it as a tool towards global growth. Their focus on important assets never ends. Madison Street Capital is capitalized at Chicago in Illinois.


On the other hand, DCG Software Value is a leading global provider of all software management services and software analysis to the esteemed customers. They are trusted suppliers and consultants when it comes to software issues. Most of the companies that depend on software have found this great company a good partner for their growth. It was founded in 1994 and since then their services continues magnificently. Spitfire Group is another growing technology and business-consulting firm that is taking great steps in the business world. Their specialty is to enable clients in meeting the right business objectives and technology models. They make use of the expertise in technology from their professional team.


Read to learn more.

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Meet the Newest Staff Member of TransUnion: Heather Russell

The root of the success of every company comes from the leadership of the company. The leaders are like the drivers of the company; sometimes the drivers need to navigate and find better ways to handle the situation on the roads. The creativity of the leaders propel the sales of the company.

TransUnion is sad to bid goodbye one of their employees. John Blenke will voluntarily retire at the end of this year. Fortunately, they have found an equally great replacement who will continue his great work in the company.

Heather Russell, has an experience of more than two decades in the field. Russell will be serving the company as their new Chief Legal Officer. The Chief Executive Officer of the company mentioned that the contribution of Heather Russell will be of importance to the organization.

The company helps the business people make informed decisions in the market. The company also helps the consumers in getting the information on the goods. Russell says that he is very grateful and excited for the chance he has landed. He is willing to corporate with the leadership of the organization to see that the clients of the company get the best services.

According to the Globe News Wire, the organization understands the importance of great decision making. The company is dedicated to seeing that the clients have the valuable information they need. The company carries out exclusive research and establishes trends for accuracy. They also uncover all the unique trends and historical data to help manage the risks that the business persons are facing and help the clients manage their credits.

Due to its nature, TransUnion has been embraced by many individuals and is now available in more than 30 countries. It aims to see that it creates safer economies and families across the world. Heather Russell is ready to see that this happens.

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