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Sean Penn’s Idea’s Through a Novel

Sean Penn released his latest book titled “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” in March of 2018. The story’s base is built around Bob Honey who has a focus on political activism and from there leads to showcases of Sean Penn’s personal ideas being shown and more.

In this story, satire is clearly present and doesn’t try to hide either, which makes sense as the main protagonist is involved in politics. Sean is able to use this book as a platform to make references to Trump and his billion-dollar hold on the hotel industry by having the president in the story named “Mr. Landlord”. A creative way to aim shots at Trump, but very subtly. One main point about the book and Sean is that it has sparked a lot of conversation and controversy. This is almost expected when writing a book with a such a tone towards political issues, and more. The book stirs conversation and that’s clearly something Sean wanted to happen as a result of people reading this work.

The unique and very satirical tone in this book creates something that may not be for all readers but is still rich in content. Offering a story many wouldn’t find anywhere else but from someone such as Sean Penn. Some major points touched upon in the book besides Trump are also the “#Metoo movement” as Sean wrote a conversational piece in the book speaking on this movement. His background what really gives him room to speak fully on this matter as he’s seen the ins and outs of the movie industry.

Sean Penn manages to use a book not only as a way to create satire and poke fun at certain pieces of the political world, but also uses it as a way to express his word and start a conversation.