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Boraie Development

About Boraie development

Boraie development is a top-notch property development in New Jersey. It has risen the ranks since its inception, having developed over a million square meters of property. The company insists on good client service and is fully dedicated to achieving the dreams of their customers. Boraie development not only develops properties but also manages them. Their managing services are integrated with an excellent sales team that ensures every aspect of property development is met.

Partnership with Shaquille

With Kaseem Boraie at its helm, the company has partnered with notable names such as Shaquille O’Neal, a former Basketball celebrity. Their long-standing partnership which began in 2005 has seen the remodeling of a community theatre among other investments. Their latest project is a residential complex, The Aspire, which is set to meet tenants’ lifestyle needs at market price.

Shaquille O’Neal grew up in the Newark area and is determined to give back to the community. He does this by the real estate developments he has funded.

About Aspire

The aspire building that has recently been completed is a gem among Newark’s residential market. It contains state of the art facilities such as a gym, a pool as well as a 24-hour doorman service. Aside from its ample parking, the building also boasts of a lush garden and a barbeque area as well as an impressive sun deck. All these make for a highly sought-after property.

The O’Neal- Boraie partnership has truly contributed a lot to the housing sector in Newark.

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Gino Pozzo: Leading the Watford Football Club to New Heights

Gino Pozzo is the owner of the Watford Football Club. He is an Italian entrepreneur, who is the son of Giampaolo Pozzo, a well-off Italian businessman. He is from an influential family of entrepreneurs who are based in Italy, and the Pozzo family has a lot of investments in different industries. The Watford Football Club is being guided by Gino Pozzo, leading them to success. He also serves as the managing director of the team, and he inherited the management of the football club from his father. He loves to look after his football team, and he would also look at the players every day making sure that they are doing their best to win their matches.

For the current season of the Watford Football Club, it was reported that Gino Pozzo is working with his father to negotiate the transfers of different players between his club and the Udinese Calcio, an Italy-based football club. He wanted his players to train harder, and he is officiating the transfer to ensure that they will learn more about new techniques and methods on how they can dominate the sport. Gino Pozzo wanted to be known as one of the best football club owners in the United Kingdom, and he is serious about the transformation of the Watford Football Club. Many professional football players are also expressing their interest to join the football club because of the advantages attributed in joining the Watford Football Club.

Before the owner of the Pozzos, the Watford Football Club is under the ownership of Laurence Bassini. In June 2012, the father and son tandem purchased the football club and transferring the players to the teams under their ownership. The Pozzos invested heavily in the football club, and Gino Pozzo’s father would eventually sell one of their football clubs to a wealthy Chinese businessman.

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Nick Vertucci’s Journey Of Success In Real Estate And Poker

Nick Vertucci is recognized as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, especially in the real estate industry. Nick ventured into business in 1990 where he used to sell computer parts. However, the business failed in the early 2000s, and he decided to learn more about investing in real estate. His efforts to learn more about the real estate market paid off, and he made his first million thus improving the lives of his family. As years went by Vertucci decided to develop his real estate business NVREA (Nick Vertucci real estate academy). Nick’s main goal for opening his real estate academy was to provide a path for other people like him to build their real estate careers. However, when Vertucci was building his real estate academy, he faced some challenges one of them being dishonesty from business partners. Despite the challenges, Vertucci was dedicated, and he did not give up until he achieved his goal. In 2014 Vertucci had concurred all the challenges, and he successfully opened his real estate academy.

Nick together with his academy NVREA offer training and education to the youths about investing in real estate and how to get started. Recently nicks company was recognized as one of the fast-growing companies in the world. The students in the academy learn about buying and holding properties for long term cash, wholesale and flipping contracts, commercial investments among others. Nick Vertucci is also recognized as a poker player from way back when he participated in a tournament in 2004. As Nick continued to invest in real estate, he also improved his skills as a poker player. Nick applies his business skills in poker and has participated in several tournaments such as the world series of world poker, world poker tournaments, and poker after dark. Vertucci plays poker with the world’s most popular celebrities in the entertainments industry. According to Nick Vertucci, poker and business are related because they both involve taking risks for you to win a prize or make a profit.

Recently Nick published a book, seven-figure decisions: having balls the to succeed. The book talks more about nicks journey of success both in the real estate and in playing poker. Nick’s book has motivated so many young people who want to become successful in life. In his book, Nick is very real and details about his challenges and his achievements in the real estate industry. During an interview, Nick says that it is worth reading seven figure decisions as it is backed up by Kevin Harrington from shark tank and endorsed by Dean Cain who is a producer. Since the book was published the sales keep increasing and today more than a thousand copies have been sold. Nick’s investments philosophy involves investing in various business fields and trying out everything that will help one succeed in life. Nick is very determined and is open-minded to learning new things as well as seeking mentorship. It’s through Nick’s persistence and determination that he has become very successful in real estate and poker.

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Heather Parry: A Star Is Born

“A Star is Born” is a Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga movie that has become one of the biggest films of the year. Heather Parry works for Live Nation Productions and had started her job on December 1st, 2015. She was pitching for “A Star Is Born,” while at a Martha Stewart dinner party because she pitched to Bradly Cooper’s agent, Dave Bugliari, who was on a ski lift at the time. Heather Parry was instrumental in getting “A Star Is Born,” out, as Parry is a great multitasker. Parry has a Beverly Hills division producing documentaries that reveal the artist behind the music, joining them on an emotional and spiritual journey.

Heather Parry 

Her budget is largely under $5 million with the exception of “A Star Is Born,” while Dan Reynolds had a project under Parry where he tried to change his fellow Mormon’s stance on homosexuality. Parry believes that if she cannot pitch something in 30 seconds, it will not work. She is not pressured into making a profit, but the films do wind up paying for themselves. Live Nation has to license any music that is used, which is not an issue for Parry. Lady Gaga saw her film the first time at the Toronto Music Festival. Her films are stories that stand for themselves. Her dream subject is Beyoncé and Jay-Z. While working for Live Nation, Parry has the opportunity to merge her love of music with her love of cinema. She had a career at MTV for 12 years, and then she worked for Adam Sandler for 10 years. Live Nation is a company for managers of huge stars such as Lady Gaga’s manager, Miley Cyrus’s manager, and Madonna’s manager. She just happened to connect with “A Star Is Born.” She believes synergy helps her connect with artists she wants to work with.

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Jeunesse Global Products Fight Aging Inside and Out

Some of their revolutionary products work from the inside out while others work from the inside in. The result is looking younger, feeling younger and the positive mental boost that comes with an energized body and appearance.


That’s the promise of Jeunesse Global, a company that has delved deep into the science if skin care and nutrition to come up with products that produce results quite unlike anything else in the industry.


Jeunesse Global is a Florida-based company established in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, two seasoned entrepreneurs who came out of retirement to establish a unique and different kind of company.


Lewis and Ray put together a team that delved deep into the science of skin care, exploring the causes of aging at the cellular level. The goal was to develop new products that attacked the effects of aging. They also wanted to offer products that could produce fast, almost instantaneous results that would create a vivid, noticeable difference in how people felt and looked. It was to be a “complete defense against aging.”


A prime example is Luminesce, a skin care line that restores youthful vitality and radiance of appearance. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles while imbuing the user with a youthful glow. The product leverages something called polypeptide technology to achieve marvelous effects.


Instantly Ageless is another example of the Jeunesse Global line. The product has been so embraced by the public that an astonishing 50 million applications have been sold. Instantly Ageless works in less than two minutes. It has been demonstrated live in front of thousands of people. The effect is so remarkable it has been featured on major television shows and received significant media attention in magazines and newspaper articles.


Jeunesse Global researchers understand that treating the outward appearance also relies heavily on what we put inside our bodies. One such Jeunesse product that nourishes the body is called Reserve. It’s a blend of five super fruits known to be packed with anti-aging free radical scrubbers known as antioxidants. Sold in single-packet servings, Reserve can be taken anywhere and used for an instant nutritional charge for the body.

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Robert Deignan: Intuitive Tech Mogul with a Vision to Secure the Future

Robert Deignan is a man whose life achievements serve as exemplary objectives for aspiring business professionals who both diligently and passionately seek personal growth and success in entrepreneurship. Today, Deignan is the very affluent and proud Founder/CEO of the globally utilized company ATS Digital Services and he came to be so because he did more than just wish on his success. Unlike so many other people who would rather choose to pursue a profession for money over personal happiness, Deignan was one who firmly believed in setting goals within his passions—a life choice that ultimately enabled him to reap maximum benefits.

For Deignan, growing up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida during his youth was not only significant in the fact that it was his hometown, but that it was also a culturally rich environment that influenced him to participate in social activities. As a child, Deignan enjoyed playing football so much that his proficiency within the sport enabled him to receive a full football scholarship to college during his senior year of school at St. Thomas Aquinas High School. Using his scholarship, he enrolled to be a student at Purdue University where he studied business from 1992-1995 to receive his Business Management degree. After college, Deignan played for the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins in the NFL from 1997-1998. Nevertheless, once his pursued career within football was fulfilled, Deignan mentally presumed that he was ready to endeavor within the field of business. Furthermore, after involving himself within several business projects as the co-founder of Fanlink, Inc., the Executive Vice President of iS3, and as an employee for an Anti-Malware Software Company, Deignan became CEO of his own company when he launched ATS Digital Services in August 2011. Under his management, ATS Digital has come to be a very successful, convenient, and financially resourceful customer tech repair service that offers the specialized application of screen-sharing technology.

Yet, for those entrepreneurial individuals who seek to obtain the same amount of success as Deignan, he has but a few simple words of business advice for aspiring professionals to follow. In order to be prosperous as a business leader, Deignan states that one must always trust their gut instinct when making business decisions and analyze the numbers to interpret investment risks. According to Deignan, hesitating when making important business decisions can prove to be detrimental to the growth of business and failing to do the research could cost an investor significant loss in time and money. Next, Deignan advises people to only employ those who satisfy the needs of the company, but to avoid hiring relatives and close acquaintances to prevent the issue of miss-management. Lastly, Deignan mentions that no existing company will be able to maintain its potential to thrive if the leader of the company does not take the time out for himself/herself everyday to clear their mind and reset for free-flow of new/creative ideas.

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Effective Ways of Improving Your Business Performance, Louis R. Ioannides

When one is looking for ways to improve their business output they often think of many ways to achieve it. Many take modern technology as the most straightforward way while others consider to look for outside help to assist in operating the business. However, the excellent solution is always there around, and those in chief positions fail to realize it. According to Louis R. Ioannides, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies, the best and surest way of improving your business performance it’s through investing with your current employees for several reasons.

One of many reasons its necessary to invest in your employees is because there is already familiarity bond between creating a good chance to identify workers with excellent skills. For instance, if you hire new employees it would cost you time and resources to train them were as a promotion to either one of the existing employees would save you from unnecessary cost. Ioannides shares the following tips which he believes if appreciated would result in impressive results in your company.

Create a conducive environment where workers enjoy working in. For employers to win, they must be willing to establish an enjoyable place. This can be achieved by ensuring there are no Debbie downers poisoning your work environment as well as creating cubicles rather than just placing your employees in an open room.

Appreciating your employees is also another way that can have a significant impact on your business. It is important to identify the most performing worker and recognize his/her efforts. Rewards may be given or promotions as a way of appreciating their efforts. This medium will help to increase competition in the, and in the long term, business will prevail.

At times employees may need to advance their studies, but the majority suffers from resources to cater for this. For a good employer who is willing to see a change in his/her business should establish scholarship programs. At United Technologies, Chenevert has been encouraging his employees to apply for a scholarship and learn the degree of their choice. This method made the company`s stock price to rise to the extent of tripling.

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Doe Deere Uses Color to Inspire

Doe Deere isn’t your typical business owner or entrepreneur; she isn’t your average woman or person. She is simply a woman of her own. She is Doe Deere. And who exactly is Doe Deere?

She is the genius behind Lime Crime, the globally successful make up line; and the founder of her latest adventure, Poppy Angeloff, a line of jewelry. She came up with the idea behind the line while shifting through some old family heirlooms. Although initially hesitant on the business adventure, Doe’s sister inspired and encouraged her to push forward with it. So she did.

The line of jewelry caters to those women who are of a Victorian elegance but living in today’s modern world. It is innovative and, much like Lime Crime, is colorful. But the designer’s life hasn’t always been full of rainbows and good things.

Along with her mother and sister, Doe Deere came to the United States when she was just 17; the first years were quite a struggle for them. They lived in homeless shelters and were uplifted by acts of kindness generated towards them.

Doe unmistakably knows what it’s like to face unknown and troubling circumstances, but she didn’t let her dark times even put a damper on the color she was to resonate. Perhaps it was through the acts of kindness from strangers, or a combination of many factors, but Doe Deere is passionate and is motivated to create work that inspires.

Lime Crime is a global brand now, and its popularity is well known. It has come far from its humble beginnings from Doe’s apartment in Brooklyn, where it was started in 2008. If one studies the look of Deere’s products she designs, they will notice how bright and colorful they are.

Doe hopes this color is a symbol of hope to women everywhere to feel more confident in their skin. To embrace the inner and outer beauty.

Doe Deere hasn’t always had the easiest circumstances, but through the obstacles and challenges she was able to find solutions. The founder of Lime Crime and Poppy Angeloff is truly an inspiration to anyone seeking hope as an entrepreneur.

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Clay Huston, the Music Producer

Clay Huston is a well-known music Producer in the United States. He was born in Nashville, Tennessee and has always been having an interest in music since he was young. Clay attended Central Michigan University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Theatre design. Later he pursued a master’s degree in business administration at Stephen M. Ross School of Business. The combination was an excellent one as it opened doors for his success in the music industry.

After he was through with his studies, Clay Huston worked in many live entertainment companies holding top positions. He has worked as a sound engineer and project manager in many companies. Huston has wired with corporate entertainment and Billy Graham’s sound team, but he finally opted to venture in the music industry. Clay Huston has passion with rock ‘n’ roll type of music. The exposure to live performances, management and sound engineering enable him to start his business.

Clay Huston has traveled to many countries with several musicians. He visited many European Countries with the Garbage Band. He has also visited Australia and North America. One of his remarkable achievements was operating the One Republic’s automatic system in one of its largest tours. Nowadays, Clay manages designs and produces concerts for well-known musicians such as Kid Rock, Pink and Kelly Clarkson. Besides music production and management, Clay loves crafting and woodworking projects.

Clay Huston decided to start his own production management company after gaining experience in many live entertainment companies he has worked for. His working these companies equipped him with necessary managerial skills which he practices them in running his company. He is now the founder and the chairman of his company, and he is responsible for all its aspects of growth and development.

Today, Clay Huston is an event Production manager as well as tour producer and a stage manager. He believes that hardworking is responsible for his success in the music industry and his life at large. Huston serves as a role model to many youths who aspire to venture in the musical industry. He plays an essential role in the music and entertainment industry.

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The Work of Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian has built an impressive career as an investor and entrepreneur. Currently he is the is the Managing Partner of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. Chackerian has a passion for working with healthcare companies that are in their beginning stages. Chackerian is a native of San Francisco and has worked as an entrepreneur for several decades. He is responsible for starting several companies during this time.

Perhaps Ara Chackerian’s biggest accomplishment is that he is the co-founder and board member of TMS Health Solutions. TMS Solutions provides transcranial magnetic stimulation a therapy that can help those with depression. His career however does include experience with several other major companies which include BMC Diagnostics, Embion/Provider Links, PipelineRx. He has spent more than two decades helping to build those companies. Ara Chackerian is also a committed board member for the following companies: Mint Medical Education, PipelineRX and TMS Solultions.

Chackerian’s idea for TMS Solutions came from a unique place. Chackerian had spent years working with his partner building out-patient centers and he wanted to expand that work. After years of research he and his partner came to the conclusion that TMS had the potential to become a pillar of psychiatric care. Medication and talk therapy are already pillars of psychiatric care and Chackerian believed TMS could be the third. His vision was to design a care delivery model that focuses on helping both the patient and physician to achieve their goals.

Ara Chackerian is well known for his philanthropic efforts. During his career he has partnered with a variety of non-profit organizations. He currently volunteer his services at Juma Ventures, a nonprofit that works to employ young people. He has served as the company’s chairman for the last five years. Finding educational opportunities is a passion for Chackerian. He currently works with groups in the United States, Armenia, and Nicaragua.